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System & Security Administrator

We are looking for a detail-oriented System & Security Administrator to be responsible for desktop, mobile, IoT- device, and network security, troubleshooting network access and implementing network security policies and procedures at our organization. The security administrator works independently within the established procedures to ensure network security access and protect against unauthorized access, modifications, or destruction. Your responsibilities include performing risk assessments, audits, staff training sessions, and monitoring network activity.

To be a successful Security Administrator, you should be meticulous and detail-oriented, with excellent technical and information security skills. You should be skilled at drafting security policies and training less technically skilled employees to be security conscious.






  • Authorize and monitor the USB connections

  • Authorize and monitor the uploads to the internet via emails and drives

  • Mark the documents with security level

  • Authorize and monitor the software’s running on office computers

  • Send security updates to office computers (OS and SW)

  • Windows and Linux security policy creation

  • Cloud VM security policy creation

  • Network security understanding

  • Configure and setup network firewalls

  • Create and maintain system and data backups

  • Consult with the team/staff to assist them in adopting and implementing security policies

  • Stay updated with the best practices regarding corporate security policy implementing them in our organization


  • 5+ years of experience in System & Security Administration

  • CCNA/CCNP certification

  • Sound industry knowledge on Security, Information Security, Linux System Administration, Wireless networking, Firewalls and Virtualization

  • Hands on experience with VMware-ESXI, Proxmox, Unix/Linux, SQL, Windows Server, Burp Suite, Nmap, Ettercap, Wireshark, Cisco Router and Switches, Metasploit

  • Certification from Offensive Security will be highly appreciated

  • The candidate should also be able to work with highly confidential data

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