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Project Management - Site Engineer HVAC/BMS

At Bert Labs, our IoT devices are pushing data to the cloud from thousands of IoT devices every second, this will go up to hundred of thousands of devices around the world. Handling this kind of traffic on server will be an exciting challenge for any Software Backend Engineer. At Bert Labs, we understand the power of Connected. We are making an Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things solution to make our buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, malls and factories more energy efficient and for higher comfort and productivity of these settings.






  • The Bert Site Engineer position will focus on the energy efficiency projects related to the identification and quantification of energy efficiency opportunities associated with new and existing buildings across all systems, equipment and energy producing structures including, but not limited to, HVAC and Central Energy plants, Production Plants, Controls, and Automation.

  • Bert Site Engineers will be responsible for the installation, commissioning, integration and testing of Bert Technology Solutions to reduce energy costs and/or improve energy efficiency for projects of unlimited scope and size to ensure the effective operation of the HVAC systems.

  • The Site Engineer will work closely with the other workshop supervisors, engineers, and managers to deliver continued support of building services, to ensure minimum down time, increased efficiency, and end user satisfaction

  • Assist the commissioning team (internal & external) in pre-commissioning, commissioning, and testing stages of all HVAC equipment’s.

  • Complete fault diagnosis and rectification on the whole range of Bert Maximus product range.

  • Identify potential systems software and hardware issues that may lead to unnecessary failure of services, thereby minimising risk, disruption, and inconvenience to building/plant users.

  • Escalate issues found during maintenance requiring capital investment, e.g., replacement items following repeat maintenance visits.

  • Preparing relevant documents to conduct inspection for completed installations, Carryout all planned site inspections and create the inspection report accordingly.

  • Assist and coordinate with System Integrators, suppliers, consultants, and contractors to ensure original design intent is adhered to throughout implementation.

  • Coordinate and inspect on-site work and installations performed by suppliers, SI partners, consultants, and contractors as per the project requirement.

  • Active involvement in weekly/timely meetings with project management and plant operation managers and respective stakeholders.

  • Assist Project Engineer during preparation of final test reports, as built drawings, Operation & Maintenance manual and handing over the project to client.

  • Perform on-site energy efficiency audits that are focused on mechanical system, control systems and energy efficiency opportunities.

  • Multiple site visits, site survey, understanding of the BMS. Develop Site Survey Plans and Audit Checklists.

  • Assist in client’s relations, service, sales, and marketing.

  • To suit operational requirements, you may be requested to work flexibly at client’s site.

  • Evaluate all approval systems for new and revised maintenance job and monitor all work instructions and maintain all deliverables for projects to maintain optimal qualities within required timeframe and coordinate with stakeholders to analyse all project requirements.

  • The Site Engineer will be expected to work in areas at height, in cramped plant rooms, and areas where access is restricted. Work may be indoors or outdoors at all times of the year and across multiple sites in the region.

  • Always maintain the health and safety of self and others by adhering to Health and Safety legislation and Policy and additional safe working practices.

  • You will, from time-to-time, be required to undertake other duties of a similar nature as reasonably required by your Project Manager.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in mechanical / Electrical / Controls Engineering

  • Strong working knowledge of HVAC Systems, Motors, Pumps, Chiller Plants, Air Handling Units, BMS energy efficiency methodology

  • Experience in the maintenance, repair, installation and fitting of HVAC, BMS and automated controls.

  • Experience of safely working on a variety of installations, appliances and equipment.

  • Practical knowledge of property related Health and Safety legislation applicable to electrical services at Work Regulations.

  • To have a working knowledge of HVAC Systems, motors, pumps and air extract systems.

  • 2 – 5 years’ experience in HVAC, BMS, Mechanical or Electrical engineering position preferred.

  • Advanced knowledge of energy and mechanical systems.

  • Expert skills in Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint

  • AutoCAD / Revit

  • A well-rounded individual.

  • A highly self-motivated, ambitious individual. Professional presence.

  • A person with a high sense of urgency and a proactive approach to problem solving.

  • High energy and action oriented.

  • Strong written and oral communication skills for client interaction and report writing.

  • Excellent technical communication skills.

  • Ability to travel when needed (50% +)

  • Knowledge of building systems, energy technologies, green building, and high-performance design

  • Understanding of marketing strategy and market analysis techniques is a strong plus.

  • Team-oriented, hands-on, highly skilled, adaptive, and client-focused.

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