Bert Maximus

The Bert Internet of Things Devices Platform.

Bert Milo

  • 6LoWPAN based IoT network.

  • Measures Humidity & Temperature of the floor space.

  • Temp. accuracy: 0.2 C, RH accuracy: 2%

Bert Minion

  • Class 1 3 phase smart energy meter.

  • Captures energy consumption parameters.

  • HVAC & Utility and appliance independent.

  • End-to-End secure communication.


Bert MinnieComm

  • Bert Controller.

  • BACnet/IP and MODBUS-RTU protocol support.

  • PID and Fuzzy logic control capability.

  • Firmware Over-the-air updates enabled.

Bert Qrious Node

  • Relays messages of leaf nodes to Titan.

  • 6LoWPAN based IoT network.

  • Temp. accuracy: 0.2 C, RH accuracy: 2%.

  • Measures temperature and humidity.


Bert Titan

  • 6LoWPAN based IoT network.

  • Connects to Wifi network to send and receive packets from the cloud.

  • Routes data from all Leaf nodes and Branch Nodes in the network to the Cloud

Bert Aksh

  • WiFi bases IoT device.

  • 8 MP CMOS camera for face detection.

  • GPU based computer vision and thermal vision capability.

  • Longwave infrared thermal camera for measuring temperature.