Learning & Growth

Ethics & Corporate Governance
Founder in his previous Business Leadership avataars, has walked away from prospective clients deals, where  the other person wanted to get some special favours as a trade-off to signing the deal. Bert Labs is exactly adhering to these highest ethical & corporate governance practices  
Transparency & Full Disclosure
The company works with the adage that, anybody entering Bert Labs office must be able to see the extreme corner of the office. CEO and other Leaders shares and discusses with other Bert everything that matters to the company.
Team Dynamics
Open Door policy where starting from CEO to every leader in the Company is accessible to everybody else. Celebrate each other's success and be with each other in failures, as success & failures is Team's and Company's.
Starting with Bert Hiring Process where people shortlisted, interviewed & hired are who have the courage, conviction & self belief to standup & walk after getting  knocked off multiple times. To Bert impact environment, where everybody have the freedom to express their talent, thoughts, ideas to be incorporated in Bert Vision, Strategy, and Execution Plan. 
Ownership & Accountability
Building a successful company is about identifying jobs, identifying best people for the jobs, giving complete ownership & accountability to people w.r.t these respective jobs, and support them to be a great success in their respective jobs.
Learning from Failures
Every Bert has the courage, conviction, self belief, and organizational support & participate, for her/him to try our diferent/new things, and learn from failures. The company doesnt let a person go if she/he fails, as it doesnt want the other organization whom these guys join, to benefit from Bert failures.