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Lead UI/UX - Design

At Bert Labs, our IoT devices are pushing data to the cloud from thousands of IoT devices every second, this will go up to hundred of thousands of devices around the world. Handling this kind of traffic on server will be an exciting challenge for any Software Backend Engineer. At Bert Labs, we understand the power of Connected. We are making an Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things solution to make our buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, malls and factories more energy efficient and for higher comfort and productivity of these settings.






  • Application of Problem Solving & design methodologies to solutions include both Products & Services

  • Help customer workshops through required instructional information extraction during managing plus setting client expectations.

  • Define enterprise-leading learning solutions targeting precise business problems with a suitable blend of modalities, delivery mechanisms, instructional approaches, and technologies.

  • Collaborate with sales and varied team members as suitable.

  • Identify plus broaden solutions to define, scope, and pitch broad solutions operational within the organization.

  • Collaborate with product development to stimulate creation plus position go-to-market services, products, and offerings.

  • Present exclusive learning leadership for the company, its customers, and the marketplace.

  • Design, develop and execute measurement tools to estimate program impact plus enable customers to validate training spends.

  • Perform as a thread across engagements to steward solutions from evaluation, definition plus design to develop, deploy and implement.


  •     1 - 5years of relevant industry experience

  • UX research - study the client/product or service experience

  • Collaboration - bring the best of solution

  • Wireframing and UI prototyping - Test before you build

  • UX writing - build workflows & architecture diagrams

  •  Visual communication - content creation and presentation

  • User empathy - Apply Design Thinking skills 

  • Proven Communication Skill

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