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Domain Expert - Automotive Maufacturing

At Bert Labs, our IoT devices are pushing data to the cloud from thousands of IoT devices every second, this will go up to hundred of thousands of devices around the world. Handling this kind of traffic on server will be an exciting challenge for any Software Backend Engineer. At Bert Labs, we understand the power of Connected. We are making an Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things solution to make our buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, malls and factories more energy efficient and for higher comfort and productivity of these settings.






  • Acting as a SPOC for projects related to Automotive Industry.

  • Demonstrate strong commercial acumen and domain industry curiosity.

  • Manage and deliver the day-to-day activities of Projects including conceptual, basic engineering, detailed design, engineering, execution on time, within the scope, and within budget.

  • Identify opportunities for the application of IIoT in the Automotive Industry.

  • The role involves GTM activities such as preparing proposals, establishing alliances with leading Automotive Companies in India and abroad and ensuring projects are signed off.


  • Bachelor's/master's degree in Automotive Engineering.

  • 15+ years’ experience in leading multiple, cross-functional teams in Automotive manufacturing.

  • Expertise in designing, building implementing digital platforms / digital solutions / IIoT solutions / Industry 4.0 / Automation projects in automotive manufacturing industry.

  • Experience in analysing and optimizing business processes and have the natural ability to summarize complex business requirements into a language that everyone understands.

  • Experience in translating business processes and requirements into IIOT solutions.

  • Knowledge of industry, technology, product trends, latest technologies in the field.

  • Understanding and experience in working with energy consultants and utility providers.

  • Preferable experience in working on energy optimization problem statements.

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