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Bert Platform Solution @ Pulp and Paper

Pulp & Paper Login.gif

Login Screen

Login screen for the Bert Geminus. With the credentials provided, you can log onto the highly secure Pulp and Paper environment. 

Evaporator Section

As you login, you will be securely taken to the section, there you can select Soda Recovery and then go to the Evaporator section.

Pulp & Paper Evaporator.gif
Pulp & Paper Evaporator Predict.gif

Evaporator Section - Prediction

As you enter the input parameters and press the Predict button, you will get the predictive values for the Evaporator section.

Evaporator Section -   Optimization

In the same screen, when you press the Optimize button, the optimized values are displayed and these values brings out the savings for that section.

Pulp & Paper Evaporator Optimise.gif
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