Job Description

Project Manager - Pharma HVAC

We are making an Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things solution to make our buildings, offices, hotels, hospitals, malls, and factories more energy-efficient and more reliable. We aim to provide a user-friendly solution to our client which saves on their monthly energy bill and provide predictive maintenance for their critical machines. 

  • You will be in charge of Bert Labs' product deployment at Client site.

  • You will be working closely with Mechanical Engineers and Data Scientist as an interface between the client and the technical development team.

  • You will also be responsible to understand Client problems and incorporating their suggestions as part of the product.

  • If leading product deployment at varied client locations like Automotive factories, Pharma manufacturing plants, White-good manufacturing plants, and other process industry excites you, we have a place for you at Bert Labs.

  • We're looking for experience level of 5 years to 10 years

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