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Chemical  Bert Nova

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Bert Convergence

Bert Convergence connects Bert Maximus platform to the whole architecture. All kinds of Upstream or Downstream data flow through the Bert Convergence microservices

Bert Warehouse

Bert Warehouse works using Cassandra & is responsible for  time-series data warehousing and  historic data API's

Bert Register

Bert Register is responsible for the onboarding of new devices on the platform and also houses all the commissioning information used by other microservices for device verification

Bert Directive

Bert Directive microservice is used to send control, schedule different kinds of commands to all the Bert Maximus devices remotely  from Bert Optimus or Bert Dashboard

Bert Bridge

Bert Bridge microservice bring scalability to the microservice architecture. New Bert convergence can be added to the architecture using the Bert Bridge

Bert Aggregator

Bert Aggregator    microservice is responsible for  processing    Real time  data streamed  from DCS/PLC  

Bert Renovate

Bert Renovate microservice is responsible for updating the firmware on the Bert Maximus device. It allows the platform to do the process remotely. 

Bert Relay

Bert Relay is used to delay the real-time data received using NATS from Bert Convergence microservice. to Bert Optimus or the Bert Dashboard or other microservices using Web-sockets.

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