India Head Office of one of the World's largest  FMCG Company

  • Bert Platform Solution plugged seamlessly with SCADA-PLC System

  • Real-Time fully Automated Integrated controls based on Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning Platform

  • Energy Efficiency and Thermal Comfort Improvement:

    • 50%+ on the Air Side over the baseline

    • 20% on the baseline

Client Testimony

"The Office Campus is provided with a centralized air conditioning system, covering the office blocks, recreation, and training centres. The installed capacity of air conditioning is 2280TR. An extensive study of this was done by Bert Labs in 2018. Their IoT and AI/ML based data analytics, cloud computing, real time analysis and continuous HVAC controls, indicated an incremental energy savings potential of 30%

A Service Agreement, Purchase Order was issued to Bert Labs in May 2019. This included the configuration of MS Azure Cloud, control panel works, IOT device installations and dashboard for interface.  
Overall a good beginning and would like to wish Bert Labs all the success."

For Hindustan Unilever Ltd.
General Manager, Supply Chain


The Bert Platform Architecture Solution


Bert Maximus Bert Qrious Architecture