Bert Experiences!

Great Launchpad & Work Culture

Working in Bert Labs is among a few of my very good experiences in recent years. Started to work as an intern, was the most satisfying start for my corporate journey. There can't be a better place than this company in the world for Interns who want to feel empowered, learn & grow in their first few experiences with corporate world. The Founder CEO invests himself in nurturing & grooming the brightest minds from premier engineering colleges & business schools all over the world. And as part of nurturing & grooming interns, the company delegates tasks to Interns which are strategic to the Company from a Product/Platform and Go-To-Market standpoint.


Regular meeting understands employees’ point of view even in strategic policy discussion is among one of many good initiatives in this company. Currently, I am working as full time and having among the best exposure and trust shown by the CEO. You will have the maximum independence over the work company will assign you. Freedom of choosing your own task and having regular feedback from the team will ends up make you more confident as a professional. There is such division of tech team or frontend business team, everyone has the equal opportunity to interact with the end customer and involve in technology strategic discussion and each input will be listen with same importance.


Sometimes based on the requirement from the company driven by its ambitious dreams, vision and expectations from its Fortune 500 global clients, you have to work beyond your regular office hours, as the team is more focused over maximising the individual output and improve company’s employee productivity. Which I seem will be required for you to make you more responsible and involved. And it doesn’t feel in like work as the CEO keeps it very engaging and great fun, and the PURPOSE which guides our vision, strategy & execution is to make IMPACT which the world has rarely seen, by building innovative products & platforms to solve very complex real world industrial problems for our global customers. And the best part is along with immense hard work, we party very hard too. 😊

Incubation & Investment Lead
Learning of a Lifetime!

It has been learning of a lifetime. Even though I have just worked here for about a year, the kind of maturity and the ability to handle complex product and business situations that have never been handled by me has come to me because the leadership here identifies raw untested talent with trust of one’s lifetime, with challenges and then supports them to succeed. At the same time, allows us to fail and learn from our failures.


The Vision of this company is to build a technology conglomerate from India, which can do things that have rarely been done before in the world. India has always been considered the country for Services and not Research and Innovation, Bert journey is to transform that vision.


The kind of Products and Platforms that Bert has/is providing to its clients, very few companies in the world, in a market that is filled with tech giants. It has been able to bring in that exponential savings and improvement in various commercial and factory setups. No company has been able to promise as much savings as Bert has and fulfilled that by a big margin.


Achieving this is not a cakewalk and this has only been possible by the relentless combined effort of the team. We’re here to make an IMPACT, which the world has rarely experienced, and not just do another job. And for this, we work very hard. We live by a very strong work ethic where we do not change the goal post. You work towards achieving your individual objectives, in line with department objectives, which in turn is in line with the Company’s objectives.


The leadership in this company is by setting one’s own example and by empowering people, trusting them, and inspiring them to trust themselves, groom their raw talent to make them successful as Technology-Business Leaders. I have been involved in client meetings, single-handedly managing the migration work as I was entrusted, that I can do it.


Bert Labs' working style is transparency & full disclosure. This gives me and the team immense comfort to do anything for the company, if necessary, for a great future. All Client and Investor interactions and developments are shared with each member of the team as the company trusts them, values everybody’s inputs, and to inspire each one of us. A lot of decisions are made only after due discussions and everybody's ideas, thoughts, perspectives are taken into consideration.


All these things have inspired me to work the way I am working and would continue to do so.

Lead Research Engineer
Great Experience!

It has been great learning experience for me. In 1st year of my work in industry, having an opportunity to meet top management, people having experience of 25+ years in their specific domain, and the real engineers working to execute the strategy finalized in board rooms. For instance, visiting R&D setup of one of the largest Automobile component company, itself is a big achievement and opportunity.

As we had been attended by Senior management itself, shows the trust these people have in the disruptive work we are doing at Bert Labs, which imparts self-confidence and inspires us to do more such great work and develop more use cases where Bert Platform Solution can be leveraged. Another instance is, at one of the largest and technologically most advanced Automobile OEM plant is all together a completely different experience and learning.


I am looking forward to many more such experiences where we are in direct contact with all the relevant stakeholders in coming months and years. I would like to express my gratitude towards Bert Labs for providing me such great opportunity and for the CEO to show that level of trust in me.

Business Development Manager
Inspiring Vision & Leadership!

I am working as part of the company’s frontend team to interact with client. This is the domain I am very keen to work on and Bert Labs is providing me the right opportunity and exposure at the right time of my career. Working here is almost equal to building your own venture, and would like to express my gratitude to our Founder CEO, for keeping the work culture very participative, empowering and fun. You will have the opportunity to involve in every domain you want to explore for you to be an allrounder performer. Since I had join here, I am in constant touch with CEOs and top management of many BSE 100/500 companies as part of our client base and exploring execution of our platform for there core & non-core operation and helps them to achieve their larger business objective to make their company cost efficient and responsible towards sustainability.


With each of our client we are in constant talk and in process sign off for multiyear contract (up to 10 years) for their Indian and Global operations. These multi year contracts will help Company to grow 5X year on year and helps begin their global operation in USA, Latam, Europe. This will be a very exciting journey for all of us. With every good work we are doing here, we are moving in the right direction and marching towards realizing our Founder CEO’s vision and the vision of each one of us to becoming Research & Innovation driven global Technology Conglomerate Leader from India, and a global Institution.

Business Research Executive
Cutting Edge Research & Innovation for most impactful real-world complex problem-solving.

Bert Labs is working on Artificial Intelligence – Internet of Things powered Industry 4.0 applications. Bert has a strategy to build everything core to the company in house. Hence, company has designed & built its own Hardware, Firmware, Wireless Sensor Network, Deep Reinforcement Learning models, Building Energy models, Physics based system models, Multi-Cloud/Server/Devices based micro-services computing platform and highly intuitive & Interactive digital twins. Having taken this approach, the company has built resilience in its product development strategy and has built deep research focus in each of the above areas.


Bert Labs has filed for patents in high double digits in India & International and more in the pipeline every month. These patents are filed in each of the above-mentioned domain which ensured it builds credible Intellectual property in multiple areas, and integrated as Bert Platform Solution for most impactful complex problem solving for our clients. Current Indian start-up ecosystem has been built mainly around consumerism. Bert Labs acts as a torchbearer of deep research ability in this skewed start-up ecosystem. This, I believe, is one of the biggest contributions a start-up can make to fuel research mindset in the fresh technology graduates.


Bert’s research ability is not abstract like most of the university research. Rather, our CEO has built in work ethic, where all Research Engineers visit client sites and understand the problems first hand. This ensures that the research is directly applicable to the industry. Additionally, Bert highly focuses on research which is scalable across multiple domains. This has helped the company to develop capabilities across multiple applications. I strongly recommend Bert Labs to all Engineers/Researchers who wants to build their career in cutting-edge deep-tech research.

Principle Engineer
Inspiring Leadership with Long Term Vision!

Bert Labs wants to build a global institution from India in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. After working for close to 4 years at Bert Labs, I can confidently say that I have not come across any other company with a bolder vision and ambition. From day one, Bert Labs’ vision has been to build a scalable model – scalable technology and scalable in geography.


Bert Labs started building AI-IoT solution in HVAC space and now it is continuously adding other Industry 4.0 applications like Factory Process Line, Automotive Paint shops, Servo-Hydraulic rigs, Predictive Maintenance to its ever-expanding portfolio. These diverse application areas have helped me to exponentially expand my horizons and evolve my thought process.


At Bert Labs, the vision is global from day one. We build our products with global landscape in mind and constantly benchmark our products with global competition. It has been truly a ‘Built in India, Made for the world’ experience for me. I am a proud Indian and an inspired Bert to have got an experience to build such path-breaking technology.


The credit for providing this long-term vision goes to the Founder. The company has open-door policy where the CEO is accessible to all the employees even for the most trivial issues. I have a voice even on topics on which I have no prior experience. My smallest achievement and progress have been recognised and celebrated among the company which has given me immense self-faith in my capabilities and a sense of fulfilment in my work. I would recommend Bert Labs for anyone who wants to discover their hidden talents, further harness their known potential, and achieve self-fulfilment. I would also recommend Bert Labs for anyone who wants to achieve greatness in their work which come comes through relentless focus , perseverance, and strong work ethics.

Technical Leader
Company with the highest integrity and strong value systems!

Value systems and Integrity is the fabric with which Bert Labs and it's Founder operates. The company has believed in giving and saying what is right, be it for the employee, client or partner. Value systems is something which becomes the differentiation point between a good company and a great company,

and I believe Bert Labs is well on the path of becoming a great company, not just from its disruptive technology but also for its value systems. The Founder has over 20 years of strong reputation of practicing fairness, kindness, generosity, transparency, full disclosure, highest level of ethics and corporate governance internally and externally. And have brought the same standards to Bert Labs for all of us to practice.


Every Bert is expected to be true to whatever he or she does, not just while he is at work but while he/she is in his/her personal space as well. How you behave when no one is watching is the true test of one’s value system and integrity. This is what I’ve learnt from this company. Will practice this all my life.

Lead DevOps Researcher
Depth & Breadth of experience in different domains & technologies!

This experience with Bert Labs has been full of enriching learning, very wholesome, and satisfying. From visiting multiple manufacturing plants of Fortune 500 companies to understanding their process lines, interacting with the middle management, and finally meeting with the top management themselves. Firstly, it is great to be associated with such global names, giving us the kind of exposure, which helps us to build solutions at the Global level, as they themselves are leading manufacturers in FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, Cement, Aluminum/Steel, all are part of our portfolio.


During one of many business trips, it was a great learning experience to visit one of India's leading vehicle manufacturer at their biggest and most automated plant in Chakan. Working towards bringing efficiency from both energy and process line perspective. Auto Process Line is undoubtedly is one of their most complex and it's very good that we have it under our scope and serves great and unique exposure to any engineer developing products & platforms. The Founder CEO of our company believes in problem led approach rather than product led approach, enabling development of company’s products & platforms which are solving company’s problems more effectively than our competition who are large global players.


Such experiences have helped me to understand different domains and equipment, in-turn allowing me to help understand their present architecture and how we can place our solution. Also, learning increasingly about how to handle client interactions. Experiences like these, sets up a person to take up Techno-Commercial roles, opening him up for various opportunities because of different domain knowledge.

Product Manager
Tremendous Growth & Learning!

Bert Labs has helped me to grow as an Engineer. The freedom to execute experiments, induct new features in the product, learning new concepts from domain experts is ingrained in Bert Culture. Bert’s culture of strong focus on Innovation helped to train my mind to have the same mindset which led me filing my first patent.

Bert has helped me to grow as a professional. I got an opportunity to learn professionalism from Bert’s founder Rohit whose experience and achievements are exemplary. Bert has gifted me learning of a lifetime as a professional. This has helped me to nurture my work ethic. Bert’s culture on strong value system has helped me to follow the footsteps even when times are not favourable.

Bert and Rohit has helped me to grow as Leader. Leaderships starts from self, which is the first and most difficult step. Leadership strives to bring the best in others; reposing faith in others even during trying times; identify hidden talents and nurture it to create something beautiful. While I can’t claim to have imbibed all above aspects of leadership but I have certainly developed few and strive to learn others as we move forward strong.

Founding Member