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AI for better energy management in Pharma

Express Pharma published Rohit Kochar, Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO’s thoughts on AI for better energy management in pharma Industry.


AI has innumerable prospects when it comes to pharmaceutical industry and business transformation. AI-powered analytics has given the much-needed direction to the Big Data and brought a profound shift in the innovation paradigm at pharma sector. By leveraging and executing AI techniques in the core workflows, pharma companies can make all business operations efficient, cost-effective, and hassle-free.

 AI systems are a powerful tool in the research and development to deliver better outcomes for Drug Discovery. Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL) process and evaluate massive amounts of data quickly and they also can be connected to blending room, with control parameters like, AHU fan speed, chilled water valve, hot water valve and AHU On/Off/Sleep mode, which are combined with observation parameters like, air flow rate, temperature, RH%, DP. Deployment of RL


agent at plant thus brings in the energy savings. In this case, by reducing the mass flow rates of chiller pump and boiler pumps have resulted in energy savings on chiller pump by about 66% and about 100% on boiler pump.


With innumerable benefits of AI, Pharma companies simply need to start transforming into digital businesses to be competitive. To align with this growth, pharmaceutical executives require ways to improve efficiency, uncover new business opportunities, and build better relationships with patients and prescribers. It will not be possible without a digital transformation. Hence, the sooner a digital transformation is adopted, the better it will be. The chances of catering to the future generations who will be used to everything being digital will also become better.


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Bert Platform Solution for an evaporator in Pulp & Paper plant can provide the minimum annual savings is in the range of INR 4-5 Cr. and the cost is below INR 3 Cr.

The Pulp and Paper Times had a long format interview with Rohit Kochar, Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO, Bert Labs for their Jan-Feb. The focus of the interview is how Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Bert Platform Solution in pulp and paper is bringing better parameter control of the process and can result in better product quality and decrease in defects/ wastage.


The different processes in pulp and paper plant are energy and resource intensive. Most of the factories in Indian paper industry already has certain level of automation. It can be Digital Control System and SAP implementation. Bert Labs AI-IoT solutions platform Bert Platform Solution can integrate with existing system and start giving results immediately. Furthermore,  it can help achieve sustainability goals, including ESG, Zero Carbon, by bringing in efficiency in the operations. This helps in energy consumption, productivity improvement, better supply chain and logistics management.


The AI based solutions are built on three layers of Security – Encryption, Authentication and Authorisation. The cost of developing and deploying AI-IoT solution has come down recently and hence small paper mill can adopt this technology, starting in small sections and rapidly scaling up once benefits starts showing. The typical payback period can be 6-24 months depending on the scale of operation and current level of digitisation.

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ESG initiatives should be mandated for MSMEs in India: Bert Labs

Bert Labs is working on deploying AI and IoT to help companies to make their processes greener and to reduce their carbon footprints. Lately, energy efficiency has taken centre stage for Indian companies, especially for the manufacturing companies. This is due to several reasons—climate change, sustainability, tech upgradation and money saving goals in the long run. So, there has been a surge in the demand for affordable, energy efficient solutions and Bert Labs is helping to do the same for many organisations. Bert Labs solved this problem using their ingenuity and innovation to make HVAC systems more efficient. Bert Labs is helping manufacturing plants, the commercial buildings and the large enterprises globally in meeting their energy efficiency goals.


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What the Startups expect from the New Year!

Bert Labs has found opportunity to diversify into different verticals during the challenging times the world faced in the last few years. Rohit Kochar, Founder, Executive Chairperson and CEO of Bert Labs shared his optimism with #TICENews for 2023 and beyond.


Bert Labs continues to innovate and build its capability around Bert Platform Solution, for different manufacturing verticals, which have been traditionally a major source of energy consumption. 


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AI goes green. Robots in the process to make ​   the earth greener

Artificial Intelligence in climate policy making may be a good catalyst but its adaptation is quite tough. ​

Green transformation with AI aid. ​However, incorporating AI in climate policy making and climate-sensitive adaptations is not that easy. ​

In this area, Rohit Kochar classifies his clients into three buckets – those who are transforming into sustainable businesses, those who are learning about AI-based transformations and those who are still out of knowledge about green transformation. He said that when companies realize that turning greener will reduce their energy cost, it will inspire them to adopt. 

Screenshot 2022-12-30 180014.png
Screenshot 2022-12-30 182636.png

AI powered Sensor Nodes for Sustainable Future

Bert Labs is a Bengaluru based deep tech startup that is working towards sustainable energy incorporating AI powered IoT and AI to improve energy efficiency in industrial and commercial setups. ​

The company designs and develops its sensor nodes and the whole ecosystem to sense energy consumption, compute the data, and take necessary action to save energy consumption in a building​

The Bert platform solution integrates AI and IoT to monitor and control various parameters, thus enhancing energy efficiency and improving the thermal and air quality comfort in a building. With the focus on energy consumption in commercial buildings, Bert platform solution has been implemented at various companies, including a Unilever building in Mumbai. The Bert platform solution was able to achieve energy saving at that site by over 30%. ​

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Forecast 2023: Transforming Cement Industry with ​   AI driven process efficiency

Cement making is highly resource-driven, with many manual operations and energy-intensive processes. AI shall strengthen the existing processes and make cement manufacturing more robust, environment-friendly and efficient. In the cement industry setup, every piece of equipment is unique. The system needs to be trained on each process individually and then combined for the best outcome in the plant.​

Rohit Kochar, Founder, Executive Chairperson & CEO shared his views on the role of AI  in cement industry towards energy efficiency. Power and fuel are the primary cost of cement production (about 30% of the total cost). Among them, electricity and coal consume more energy and directly impact the cement plant's running. The electricity is used in many stages, from raw material crushing to clinker grinding. Applications of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are driving the factory floor towards a better tomorrow with one click of a button to digitization, energy efficiency and carbon reduction. 


Rohit Kochar, Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO Bert Labs shared his vision  in an interview with Vaishali Umredkar of Electronics Maker.

Bert Labs role is transformational for companies, enterprises and governments in their strategic goals includes sustainability, ESG, reduction in carbon footprint, production efficiency, quality improvement, and capital efficiency. Bert Platform Solution establishes closed loop fully automated integrated controls in manufacturing plants, where Bert IoT infrastructure does Real-Time sensing and transmission of variety of data points. With AI-IoT powered technology which is changing the way we live our lives, and the way we operate at our workplaces, Bert Labs is here to inspire younger generation to look at the big picture and develop an innovation mindset.


Bert Labs – Top 20 Hottest AI Startups In India 2022 – AI Magazine.

Rohit Kochar established Bert Labs in 2017 to provide customers with a solution framework leveraging AI and IoT. The solution framework will permit customers to use its software and  hardware combined platform to build customised applications. These products cater to various aspects of the business like real-time computation and control, real-time data transmission and storing of big data—all of which help meet the larger objective of energy efficiency.

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Screenshot 2022-11-16 125246.png
Screenshot 2022-11-26 125128.png

Bert Labs gets a Special Mention in NASSCOM AI Gamechanger 2022 in ESG category and is featured in the compendium.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is in every phase of life. NASSCOM, AI Gamechangers program is a fitting tribute to recognise the good work done by numerous companies in AI. With the theme “Realizing India's AI Promise” it recognizes AI Innovations from grass roots to large enterprises that are impactful and scalable. The award-winning entries got featured in the annual AI Gamechangers compendium at NASSCOM’s annual flagship AI event.
With no other applications in the category making a cut, Bert Labs stood out and got a special mention in compendium. It is a testament to our innovative solution and perseverance. Here’s to the many more recognitions! 

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How deep-tech companies and young generation work together to foster an innovation led company.

Jul 15, 2022

In a article which is shared with Express Computer Rohit Kochar, Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO, Bert Labs shares his thoughts on how deep tech and young generation go hand in hand.

 As you may be aware, deep tech companies are a class of early-stage businesses that develop new offerings based on tangible engineering innovation or scientific discoveries and advances. They are built around a novel technology that offers significant advance over existing solutions in the market; often they create new markets that don’t yet exist or solve problems which are almost taken for granted.


How Bert Labs is helping Unilever lower its carbon footprint. 

Sep 06, 2022

Government officials and corporate boards will be under increased pressure to demonstrate in 2022 that they can monitor and comprehend ESG issues, including climate change. One such initiative caught our attention - Bangalore-based startup Bert Labs deployed AI and IoT to help Unilever India, the consumer goods giant in India, attain energy efficiency.  

Bert Labs Technology Platform brought an average of 52% energy savings and a 52% reduction in carbon footprint across all the blocks at Unilever House (HO of HUL) when compared with the previous week's operation in similar weather conditions.

Top 3 AI startups making a positive impact on the environment in India.

May 31, 2022

India has made its commitment clear at the COP 26 climate action summit to achieve 'net zero' emissions by 2070.

​Founded in 2017 by Rohit Kochar, Bert Labs is a deep tech company solving some of the pressing challenges by ensuring efficient use of available resources through its patented AI-IoT technologies. As per the company, it has proven solutions in the space of efficiency improvements in energy, production, and supply chain across industrial and commercial establishments. 


Bangalore-based Bert Labs' proprietary "Bert Platform Solution" focuses on the energy, production, supply chain planning, logistics efficiency, and carbon footprint reduction. In addition, the company wants to expand its innovation, product, and platform portfolio and expand its global footprint.


Bert Labs, Delivering Growth and Efficiency with each step.

May 02, 2022

Autonomous systems, robotics, smart home/cities, medical devices, cleantech, energy efficiency and many more developing or emerging application areas are profoundly transformed by deep technology and deep tech companies these days. Deep Tech is often set apart by its


profound enabling power, the differentiation it can create, and its potential to catalyse change. Deep Tech companies often possess fundamental and defensible engineering innovations that distinguish them from those companies that are focused on the incremental refinement or delivery of standardised technologies or only use business model innovation to create opportunities.

Rohit Kochar, Founder CEO, and Exec Chairman, of Bert Labs, was keen to share his thoughts and insights on the solutions that a deep tech company leverages to organizations to reach its efficiency goals and the idea behind Bert Labs. 


This New Age Deep Tech Startup has Build Something Non-Obvious.

April 25, 2022

Bert Platform Solution is perfectly able to adapt another way to build something which is truly non-obvious to solve and with very high impact. Bert Labs, global new age deep tech company solving the world’s challenges by ensuring efficient use of available resources through its patented AI-IoT technologies. It has proven solutions in the space of efficiency improvements in


energy, production, and supply chain across industrial and commercial establishments. During an interaction with Nitisha Dubey; Rohit Kochar, Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO, Bert Labs Private Limited highlights the special offerings of Bert Labs. He also talks about the upcoming technological demand and the future growth.


Bert Labs Non-Executive Director, Bhavana Mittal, has been honored by DMA Asia  2021.

Bert Labs Non-Executive Director, Bhavana Mittal, has been honoured by DMA Asia for DMA Trailblazer CMO Award 2021. This has been chosen by very eminent jury led by Sam Balsara of Madison.

The DMA Trailblazer CMO Award 2021 exalts visionaries who brought about an indelible transformation with their groundbreaking ideas and initiatives.


Bert Labs Non-Executive Director, Bhavana Mittal, has been honored by Global Women Achievers Award 2022.

Bhavana Mittal, Executive Director and Chief Growth Officer at Bert Labs has been honoured with a Global Women Achievers Award 2022. The Global Women Achievers Awards (TGWAA) 2022 was presented to Bhavana Mittal through a virtual ceremony, together with 85 women from 37 countries. 

The Award ceremony has been organised by CMO Global and World Women Leadership and Congress & Awards to recognise the sterling contributions and accomplishments of women across the world. It also celebrates and honours women who have excelled in various spheres of life. The TGWAA programme is organised annually since 2014.

The Women Leadership Award recognizes and appreciates the profound role played by women as leaders, and decision makers, in shaping the future of the world, and who embody the qualities of leadership in displaying active, creative, and integrative efforts in achieving the best possible results in the national and regional development plans.

Bhavana Mittal Executive Director & Chief Growth Officer Bert Labs.webp

Bert Labs is looking forward to Bhavana as the trailblazer, piped piper to keep Bert Labs as a gender balance institute. For the current financial year we are having the ambitious goal of hiring 50 per cent women employees out of 150 employees and in the next four years it will be 50 percent of 3000 employees. It is an opportunity for women leaders to contribute to exponential growth, value creation and add to world economy. 

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