3 Pillars

The company is being built with an obsession to solve problems better than anybody else in the global ecosystem. And in doing so, build a global Technology Conglomerate and an Institution. This is being done with the strategy & execution of Built to Last. The company is being built on three pillars:

Group 2723 pillars.png
Integrity & Value Systems
Research & Innovation

A place which is lead with the highest level of transparency & full disclosures, with internal & external stakeholders. The Company lead by its Founder CEO lives by the principle of, “when in doubt, disclose”, and by the principle that, for any leader, it’s not possible for him/her to be nice every time, however, it’s important to be fair every time.

This is the place where the best of global talent can come and express themselves, where complete ownership is entrusted upon them based on their raw talent, rather than proven experience. Then, the company supports them completely to be a great success, and in the process allows them to learn from their failures.


The Founder CEO comes from IT Services where the industry and he have done very well for themselves, India & world. However, the industry did not innovate enough. Here at Bert Labs, we’ve made a small, yet significant beginning to transform that, by building a mindset for Research & Innovation, to solve problems for our clients more impactfully than anybody in the global marketplace.