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"The journey ahead to solve complex problems through innovation, and institution building."

Bert Labs Culture

Culture is rooted in the soul of Bert Labs and holds the organization together. Our culture is influenced by socioeconomic trends and should be understood in that context.

At Bert Labs, we strongly believe in gender equality and equal pay. We stand against gender-specific roles and pay discrimination, which still exist in many companies and organizations.

We do not discriminate among employees based on their engineering streams when determining salary levels. Whether you're a mechanical engineer, electronics engineer, electrical engineer, instrumentation engineer, chemical engineer, computer science engineer, or even a non-engineer, you will be equally compensated because we appreciate the value each individual brings to our ecosystem. We take pride in fostering a constructive work environment and promoting positivity and pay parity.

Culture should be understood as the moral values passed down by our grandparents and parents—kindness, generosity, care, compassion, and fairness. These values form the foundation of integrity and our value systems at Bert Labs.

At Bert Labs, our work culture encourages original thinking and treats innovation as a way of life. We believe that anyone, regardless of their background as a technocrat, researcher, or engineer, can contribute with novel and non-obvious solutions. Even the way a person sets up their workstation can be an innovative way of living one's life. Research and innovation are deeply embedded in everyone's mindset here at Bert Labs. We inspire our members to invest time in research and innovation, relying on their own thinking rather than solely depending on Google or ChatGPT to find solutions.

We encourage each member to contribute equally to their home responsibilities and challenge societal gender norms. Leading by example, we strive for equal contributions from all members.

It's high time we abolish myths and gain a true understanding of what culture means.

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Bert Labs is the right place to elevate your learnings and ideas to the next level. Be an inspiration and create something useful for everyday for an efficient living.

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