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Bert Platform Solution @ Auto

Auto Login.gif

Login Screen

Login screen for the Bert Geminus. With the credentials provided, you can log onto the highly secure Automotive environment. 

Unit Station Screen

As you enter the credentials you will be taken to Home screen where you have different Unit stations. Upon clicking the desired unit station you will be taken to respective dashboard. Here we are showcasing the ED oven Unit station. 

Auto ED Oven.gif
Auto ED Oven Predict.gif

ED Oven Screen - Prediction

As you enter the input parameters and press Predict button, you will get the predictive values for the ED Oven.

ED Oven Screen - Optimization

In the same screen, when you press the Optimize button, the optimized values are displayed and these values brings out the fuel and electricity saving for the ED Oven.

Auto ED Oven Optimise.gif
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